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A J-rock and various fandoms graphic dump community~
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☀intro. }
Welcome~.SugaredRainbow is (yet another) graphic community by mekyu_nya and candycarrousel, two random students who share the same love for many things from cute bunnies to hot guys (rofl 0:D).

The graphic stash you can find here are of whatever we fancy, basically, which is most probably J-ROCK. Although there are occasionally others too.

Currently there's not much going on here (yet), but hope you like what you see.

For easy searching, do check out the tags
Yupps \:D/

☂rules. }
we don't like being all stiff and whatnot,
but you gotta follow the rules to play along and have fun.
so a few things to note~!!

➜CREDIT when you use anything from 'ere.

➜COMMENTS are always always loved♥

➜TEXTLESS ICONS are not bases. And just because it's textless&screencap-ed from a PV, does not mean you can pretend it's yours. If I post it up here, most prolly I did something to it.

^I see a lot of this one w( ; ^ ; )o

➜QUESTIONS? just fire away~ you can comment on the posts here/our journal or message us (o = w =)oo( = w = o)

➜ENJOY♥ \8D/

☎postscript. }

school eats up everyone's time, hence the lack of posts. But the place's not dead I promise :D

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